Standfast Productions: Illuminating Stories from Dark Places.

Eamonn is a producer and director with Standfast Productions, an independent film production company that specialises in documentary films that deal with stories revolving around conflict and conflict resolution.

Current project - “A Mother’s Love”, the extraordinary story of Rosamond Carr.

Born in Orange County, New Jersey, as a young woman Ros was a fashion illustrator in New York before she moved to Rwanda in 1949, with her husband, an English big-game hunter and filmmaker.

For many years she made her living as a flower farmer, until driven out of Rwanda by the 1994 genocide. She spent three months in America before returning to her adopted home, determined to open an orphanage.

Alone, but with a humanity borne out of love, she succeeded, shedding some light in impossibly dark times. Ros Carr continued to run the Imbabazi orphanage until her death in 2006, aged 94.

News: Editing on "A Mother's Love" has been completed.



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