A selection of lecture titles

Saudi Arabia: A Portrait of Life behind the Sand Curtain.

Revolutions in the Arab World: Why Now? What Next?

From Cairo to Casablanca: How the Arab Invasions of North Africa Changed the Region Forever.

God, Gore and Glory: Sixty Years of War in the 16th Century Mediterranean.

Sun, Sea, Sand, and Spies: Military Intelligence in the Middle East, from TE Lawrence to the SAS.

Silver Screen Dreams: The Middle East through Hollywood’s Lens.

What Have the Arabs Ever Done For us? Inventors from Andalusia to Persia, and the Oriental Origins of Everyday Objects

To Timbuktu: The European Re-Discovery of the Sahara.

Aqaba and Petra: Water Works in a Desert Land.

Alexandria: City of Culture from Alexander the Great to EM Forster.

Pharaonic Glories, Global Treasures: The Pyramids at Giza.



Selected audience comments:

“Quite simply the greatest speaker of the English language I have ever heard.

        - Roger, Oxford

“I hated history at school, but you made it come alive. Thanks!”

        - Lynne, Devon

“Your lectures were the highlight of my round-the-world trip.”                

        - Margaret, New York City

“Thank you very much for a great evening ... the audience reaction was excellent ... very different from any talks we have done before ... drew in a good mixed audience in terms of gender and age ... “

        - Farnham Library, Surrey

Eamonn entertains and informs audiences with his lectures about life in some of the world’s most fascinating, little understood and sometimes dangerous places, most recently covering the revolution in Egypt.

His solo, camel-powered expeditions in the Sahara are another popular subject for Eamonn’s talks.

An Arabic speaker, Eamonn is in great demand with diverse groups due to his intimate understanding of the Middle East’s complex mix of cultures and traditions, his easy delivery and relaxed sense of humour. 

Eamonn’s experiences in the Greater Middle East result in his being uniquely placed to guide audiences through the region, whether on the ground or through his fascinating lectures.

Slides & Lectures

Audience members often request a copy of the slides that accompany Eamonn’s lectures. The slides as delivered, extemporaneously, may be found here.

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